25.01.2018 KYLE

Swipe, type, swipe, type. That’s all I know how to do sometimes and I’m admitting to it. I jump from one social media to another either trying to connect with someone or looking for new material for my very much packed meme folder.

swiping simpsons

A communicative process that is mediated by technology and platforms of many types can be both great and detrimental in my opinion. It’s good because you have time to elaborate the perfect answer, the perfect comeback in some cases if you’re feeling extra shady, but also detrimental because maybe one or two senses are stimulated at best and that leaves you with a void to fill. You lack many important elements that make a communicative process complete: you lack vision, most times you lack hearing, you lack most sensorial stimulations and you end up having to deal with a written text that you may misinterpret if you don’t capture the other person’s mood.

i don't understand gif

How many times have you received a text that maybe was ambiguous, and you didn’t know how to answer? Or maybe you took it the wrong way and you got in your feelings for no reason?

I can say both from experience and from observing the people around me, especially if they are in relationships, that it’s always better to talk face to face. Sometimes you’re not physically able to do so and that’s why I do like socials, because they give you an opportunity to link up with people that you may not be able to see that often. Anyhow I do believe that important matters should be tackled in person. Maybe even through a phone call  but that’s like the last resort. Dealing with important stuff through texting is not as emotionally involving, plus the information that you’re lacking you usually tend to replace with your thoughts and/or idealizations about the person you’re talking to and that usually creates awful and useless misunderstandings.

sally mckenna gif

Other than that, I really do enjoy mindlessly scrolling through my timeline on twitter and seeing great memes starting to form, seeing what stupid thing is the President of the United States gonna tweet that day, meeting new people, sharing interests with other enthusiasts and connecting with mutuals from all over the world. Do remind yourself, though, that what goes down online usually stays there unless the person you’re talking to is physically in your surroundings or within a few kilometres from you. I’m saying this because when I was younger I used to fall for people online and I felt bad thinking about them being so far away from me, so you should always keep in mind that social medias are made for you to socialize but you should always do that outside as well.

There was this boy I was talking to while still in Ireland, he told me he was from Italy and we talked quite a bit, he really needed someone to talk to. See, that’s another thing I like about socials, you can reach out to people to talk maybe if your irl situation isn’t the best, I guess that’s what I used to do too. Now that I’m here in Milan though I’m having the chance to start brand new, new friendships, new hobbies, new interests, new stimuli. But enough of that, it’s time for my weekly favorites!

mariah segue

Favorite experiences of the week:

This week I had the chance to go pet some beautiful fat kitties at Crazy Cat Cafe, it’s just around the corner from “Stazione Centrale” and the food is amazing. The menu is full of plays on words, like they call “Caffè Americano” “Caffè Amewricano” and I just wasn’t ready for it so I started giggling uncontrollably. Plus, the kitties are named after legends such as David Bowie, Elvis, Elton John… And they are all treated like deities, which I live for.

I also got to see miss Gaga, Godga, Mama Monster here in Milan on the 18th. It was just amazing. She really is a great performer and I loved how she kept trying to speak Italian to her little monsters, truly adorable.

lady gaga.JPG

Favorite song of the week: Don’t touch my hair by Solange Knowles. I mean it’s clear that talent runs in that family, there is no denying that. Beyoncé’s little sister DID THAT.

Favorite album/artist of the week: H.E.R., hands down. She is amazing, she mainly does R&B/Soul and I’ve been listening to her album non-stop. It has 21 tracks which is unusual and not one track feels like it’s out of place, it all flows perfectly. My favorite songs are Losing, Free and Gone Away.

Since we talked about socials let’s also throw in here my favorite tweet of the week:

It’s just so perfect I love Twitter. Well that’s it for today, catch y’all next time same hour same place mmmk? Have a great week!


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