08/02/18 KYLE

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music”Aldous Huxley

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent” –  Victor Hugo

“There are two means of refuge from the misery of life – music and cats.” –  Albert Schweitzer.

I guess the cat’s out of the bag

cat out of bag

(excuse my dad jokes), we’re going to talk about music and its effects on us.

I see music as a condition in which an individual can build their personal and social identity. All of that happens beneath the conscious level. Some people say that music speaks to their soul, well, I would say that is almost correct, let me explain:

Think with me for a sec. If you had to stop perceiving the world through your eyes what would you do? You would close them. Now try not perceiving the world through your ears. You can try to obstruct them with your fingers or something, but the sound will still go through. While it may be easier to block the flux of images, it’s almost impossible to voluntarily block the flux of noise. Risultati immagini per cat covering ears gif

Hearing is radical in influencing us, shaping our ideas and ideologies, because the information (sound waves in this case) directly reaches a layer of conscience that’s below the conscious.

So, what does music do to us? Music subconsciously shapes us as individuals, it makes us feel part of groups, subcultures. It also can have a great impact on the way we perceive the world in that moment. Our mood can do a complete 180° flip depending on what music comes on shuffle.


“I’m very easily influenced by music”Peter Griffin

I do think that music can express the inexpressible and it’s probably my favourite form of creative relief. I myself love singing and playing the piano but this week I wanted to dive deeper into the process of creating music. So, I met an independent creator through a friend of mine, his stage name is Goodnightale and he is an 18-y old entrepreneur in the world of music. He handles the whole process: he writes the songs, he produces them, and he sings them. I was quite impressed with that, so I asked him if he would take part in a quick interview and he agreed.

Me: “So, when did you start and how?”

Goodnightale: “I wrote my first “real” song (meaning something that I thought I could share with the world) at 15 years old. I believe there’s people in life who simply want to enjoy art, and then there’s people that feel the desire (borderline need) to make their own. That’s why I started”.

Me: “What is usually the first step in your creative process and how does it develop from there. Like how do you make words and sounds merge”.

Goodnightale: “I don’t have just one way to write a song. Sometimes I start from a melody and build the song sonically just to then fit words into it, sometimes I start from a concept, like I come up with a word and then build the lyrics and melodies around that one idea. Other times I just piece together notes that I wrote to myself and start reading them until I can hear the music in them.”

Me: “Who inspires you in the music industry and why.”

Goodnightale: “I get inspired by so many people for so many different reasons: some for their writing skills, others for their immaculate production and instrumentals that make me wanna step my game up. Other artists are super good with harmonies and that pushes me to work harder on my technique. If I had to pick a few names, I guess my main inspiration in the past years has come from artists like Lorde, Amy Winehouse, Cruel Youth, Rihanna, Fleetwod Mac, Mitski, Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX, Of Monsters And Men, Robyn and score composers such as Austin Wintory, Hans Zimmer, Jack Antonoff, Justin Hurwitz, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein.”

If you guys want to check his stuff out here are 2 of his most recent projects.


Y’all know what time it is now, time for weekly favorites!

Favorite song of the week: ok this is a weird one but “Chiquitita” by Abba, or better, the Mamma Mia version.

Favorite artist of the week: this week I’ve been particularly obsessed with miss Jessie J, she has been participating in a Chinese reality singing show and she has been killing her performances. She really makes every song her own and her technique is out of this world. Here is her rendition of “I have nothing” by Whitney Houston.

Favorite place/event of the week: I’m very excited because I’m going to see “Freud o l’interpretazione dei sogni” at Piccolo Teatro Strehler tonight. If you’re interested in it there are gonna be shows until the 11/03/18. Here’s a link for more info.

I’m gonna let y’all know how the show was next time. Plus, we’ll be talking about perception and the idea of perfection. You already know I’mma throw quotes from “pretty hurts” by Beyoncé at least 2 or 3 times in there, don’t hate.

Risultati immagini per beyonce shady gif

Have a nice weekend y’all!





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