22/02/18 KYLE

How do you see yourself? Do you think your perception of yourself resembles other people’s idea of you?

We tend to be the harshest judges of ourselves, neither Simon Cowell nor Gordon Ramsay could ever bring us down like we do.

We think our flaws are so insurmountably big when usually other people don’t think of them with the same intensity as we do. Truth is, you are most likely above average, what you may lack is confidence. I do struggle with this myself, my insecurities often bring me down and impede me to enjoy experiences the way I would like to. But why do we worry so much about the way we look? What do we aspire to be?

what is your aspiration in life

“You could look at a photograph and you would always be able to pick yourself out because we all have internal representations of what we look like,” – David Schlundt, psychologist at Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Let’s cut ourselves some slack, we can’t have an objective representation of ourselves and people will always perceive us in a different way than we do.

There is a great video by “My Pale Skin” called “You look disgusting”:

It shows the evolution of a person that tries to come to terms with the way they look and what other people think. The moral of this video is: you can’t please everybody, some people will like you and some others won’t, you have to like yourself in the first place.


Happiness doesn’t originate from the outside but from the inside. We should all start pointing out things we love about ourselves instead of bringing ourselves down. Try to think, off the top, about 5 things you like about yourself. I bet it’s not that easy. Well now think about 5 things you DON’T like about yourself. I bet it’s more than 5. “Over the course of our lives our sense of self-image develops through a complicated interplay between cultural ideals, life experiences and accumulated comments by others. The result is, inevitably, a distortion of reality.” – Seeker


Culture and medias have a profound influence in the way we perceive ourselves. We only see what society deems as “perfect”. The lack of visibility for what is not “perfect” makes people think that the only way they can be accepted by others is to look like “those people you see in movies”. “In a notorious study of Fiji by Harvard Medical School psychologist Anne Becker, the introduction of western television shows to the Pacific island induced a rapid shift from idealizing full-bodied women to a desire for thinness among girls. The result was a dramatic increase in eating disorders.” – Seeker

The idea of perfection is a social, cultural construct that changes with the times and trends, we can’t follow it forever. Let’s try to find perfection within our flaws. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t push ourselves to be and look the way we want to, as long as we do it for ourselves and we are mentally and physically healthy while approaching our goal.

perfection pretty hurts

Now that we talked about WOKE things

we are woke

let’s ease up a bit, let’s get into this week’s favorites.

Favourite song of the week: Love Lies – Khalid ft Normani. Normani is slowly starting to work solo like many of the girls from Fifth Harmony and I’m not mad about it, this song is amazing. The two of them work so well together.

Favourite album of the week: “Life after love Pt.1”
It’s dropping tomorrow, on the 23rd of February and I’m so ready for it. I got to see her when she opened for Ariana Grande in Tourin and she sang an unreleased song that I didn’t get to listen to again until last week when she finally released it.

Favourite thing that happened this week: So mama Fergie performed the national anthem at the 2018 All-Star Game on the 18th of February. Just watch it. She was trying to go for something original but it didn’t quite land and it made for some great entertainment nonetheless.


Until next time, stay perfect, stay beautiful, YOU LOOK LIKE LINDA EVANGELISTA, YOU’RE A MODEL



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